The Do's and Don'ts of Shopping for your Wedding Gown

Written by Gown Artisan Tilly Soelistyo

After being a wedding gown designer/ consultant for close to one decade and successfully helped numerous brides looking their best on their big day, here are my top tips on what you should look out for when shopping for your wedding dress:

wedding dresses

1. DO your homework to identify the look that resonates with you

Not knowing the kind of wedding gown will definitely prolong the process of selecting the wedding gown. You don’t have to know the exact design of the gown you wish to wear but it is advisable to have some idea so that your gown fitting appointment won’t be wasted on discovering your style. Start by identifying the vibe you want; bohemian, romantic, ethereal or minimalist.

Hot Tip: If you still have no idea what kind of dress you’d like to wear, go ahead and try on 4 different silhouettes; one ball gown, one fit-and-flare, one mermaid and one A-line dress the first time you go for your gown shopping appointment. It'll quickly become clear which silhouette works best for your shape.

wedding entourage

2. DON’T bring a big entourage

When you're wedding dress shopping, the people you choose to accompany you can make or break the experience. As the saying goes too many cooks spoil the broth! Therefore too many opinions may confuse you so it is imperative to think carefully who can give you an objective honest opinion and you know that they have your best interest in heart.

Hot Tip: I have encountered many brides who fell into the predicament on wanting to please their partner/ mother/ mother-in-law more than themselves. Thus, my advice is do listen and consider their opinions. But if it deviates from the look/gown that you wanted, go with your instinct/ inner voice because at the end of the day you must be happy with your dress more than anyone else.

wedding budget

3. DO have a realistic budget and expectation for your wedding gown

Having a clear idea of how much you can invest in a gown allows you to be laser-focused in your shopping journey. Beyond the dress, it is always a great idea to start your wedding planning process with an overall budget and based on that, set a budget for your dress. Then research boutiques, online retailers, and boutique designers within your price range.

Hot Tip: Most couples spend a lot on their venue and end up with a small budget left for their outfits, so the bride had to settle for something that is not their first choice. No doubt venue/ food takes precedence but do note you are the star of the event so you should still look and feel your best.

BONUS Tip: Don’t rule anything out, especially if you encounter an experienced bridal consultant/ designer. They would be able to foresee certain gowns that may tick all your boxes, even if at first glance you may have reservations of the style that they recommend. Keep an open mind, try it on and you may be surprised at the outcome!

Last but not least, enjoy this once in a lifetime experience in finding your dream gown for your most important day!

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